The Covid Diary: The Creators

With special thanks to the creators of the Covid Diaries; they got inspired by all the beautiful stories, so they also wrote their own.

Dear Covid,

I’m writing this letter to you. You’re like a wildfire, destroying everything you touch, searching for more grounds to burn, searching for more dry parts to spread your flames onto. 

Dear Covid, what else can I say about you? Nothing nice that’s for sure. Except maybe one thing, you unite us; the whole world, united against the same enemy. Maybe after you’re gone everyone will become kinder; kinder to themselves – each other – the nature. Maybe people will start to appreciate everything just a little bit more, even the little things, learn to take things more slowly and learn what’s really important. 

Or will we fall right back into our self destructive behaviors?

Dear Covid, as you can see there are a lot of maybes in my letter, because life’s unpredictable, YOU are unpredictable. 

Maybe you will never leave, and we will have to learn to live and cope with a new world and a new lifestyle. 

Dear Covid, I could go on and on with my maybes and what if’s, but you’re not worth it. So this is my letter to you. 

Dear Covid, I hope you leave rather soon than later. Until then we’ll keep fighting. 

Sincerely yours,



I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with

an empty city inside me.

The streets are broad and mostly clean.

Trees are few and far between.

No cars and bikes are parked on the street.

Where did the tourists go?

They went back to their homes, it seems so.

We live so distant, in this world we live 6 feet apart 

Loneliness inside of us

I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with

a lonely heart. 

The streets are empty, no one’s inside the bar

The only noise is a patrolling police car

The doctor went to city and diagnosed it

with being empty 

The streets are empty, no one to see

but that’s exactly what the doctor wanted after working 11 hours on the IC

So stay at home, let the streets be lonely and

make sure the the diagnosis of the empty city shall be the only


2020 is gonna be my year

That is what everyone said 

now they are all stuck inside their homes

and everyone is sad

try to keep your head up though

atleast that is what I try to do

take this time to rest

because next summer you got some catching up to do

work on yourself

your dreams

your passions

and your knowledge

so you can finally say after 2020

new year, new me

the best version of yourself 

that the world did not expect to see


Dear Covid Diary, 

I don’t like the way you are. Standing over there and looking at me with your blanc pieces of paper. Waiting for me to write down about how I feel. Well I feel like a shitty rollercoaster. Going up and down, laugh and cry, seeing the most horrible and amazing thitngs at the same time, but no hugs or kisses are allowed.  

I’m Insecure, out of control. I don’t like that. I don’t know where we all are going or how our life will ever look like again. I know nothing. You know nothing. Nobody knows anything. 

I would love to dream about the time where we can truly laugh again. The days were we can kiss and make up, party like animals, going crazy and discover all kind of new places all over the world. 

But dear diary, I am so afraid. Will that dream ever come true again? Is this how the world will look like again? Or will this be nothing more than a memory of the most amazing life we ever had? 

With an insecure love, 

Your Covid writer. 


The smell of summer, The feeling of vacation and a warm spring sun, unfortunately that is not the first thing I think about when I wake up. A hopeless summer without parties, holidays and new encounters, this is difficult for me. Rules, and distance that is what is planned.

2020 is a strange year, for the first time something is not going as planned, not only for me but for the whole world. It is crazy to experience but at the same time also very special. For my internship project The Covid Diaries I have the honor, together with my fellow interns, to collect and bundle stories from all over the world. I do not experience this crazy time as negative, but as an educational moment.

One thing remains the same, the sun rising and setting every day. The sun cannot be stopped by a virus. The sun shines for everyone and everywhere. I take a picture of the same sun in the same place almost every day, to remind myself how beautiful she is.


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