The Covid Diary: Narida, 27 years old, Mexico

In the garden from our rental house, we have green coconuts. It is quite some work to use such a coconut. The outside is very thick and extremely hard, so there we are; standing outside with a big kitchen knife + rubber mallet. The sweat is pouring and dripping from our bodies, the kitchen knife practically broken, on the edge of despair. Until all of a sudden; that wonderful moment, everything falls into place, and all your hard work is forgotten. The most refreshing coconut water quenches your thirst, the flesh of the coconut makes your fantasies go wild. Ice creams, curry and desserts, all the endless possibilities; coconut party.

“And then I saw it: 

Basically, you can compare us, people, to coconuts. 

Our exterior layers shaped due to all kinds of expectations, social obligations, hope, fears and so on. 

But if we break through those layers, by ourselves, we get to the most beautiful, most refreshing part of us: our core, our heart. 

Our true self, free from all the expectations that we and others have of us.

In that moment, the real excitement starts.

The whole COVID situation makes it quite impossible to go outside. It’s the perfect time to start that challenging journey inwards! 

With all the time and space for you and only you, the hard work can begin, time to start sweating. 

A tough process, a provocative workout; the result? A big party in your true self.”

PS. We just bought a big machete, makes everything a little bit easier. 

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